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In-House Law Firm

Our in house law firm, The Law Offices of Robert J. Colclough, III, enables Allied to šoffer our clients a vast array of legal-collection services.

Our law offices and legal department consists of leaders in the collection industry. These talented and experienced, attorneys, legal-collectors, paralegals, and collection investigators have specific training and experience that delivers aggressive debt collection with solid results.

The Law Offices of Robert J. Colclough, III, is a California based recovery firm that offers the following services to commercial as well as consumer portfolios:

  • Nationwide Network of Collection Attorneys
  • Comprehensive Litigation Platform
  • Contingency Based Fees
  • Payment and/or Advancement of All Legal Costs on Properly Underwritten Accounts
  • Judgment Enforcement
  • Pre-Collect Letter Services

Judgment Collection and Enforcement

Throughout our almost two decades in the recovery arena, we almost always resolve debt collection matters without the need to go to court. We do this on over 96% of our successful accounts. However, we do not hesitate to go to court when the account is properly underwritten, and litigation is the only viable or acceptable alternative. The result is obtaining a judgment(s) for our clients. In addition to obtaining judgments from filing law suits, our firm receives hundreds of judgments each month from plaintiffs and other judgment holders for recovery. The Law Offices of Robert J. Colclough, III, has become one of the most successful and reputable judgment enforcement firms in the state of California. Currently, we are executing on thousands of judgments either by wage garnishment, bank levies, property liens, sheriff keepers, and various other methods of enforcement.

Out-of-Court Legal Collections

When necessary and appropriate, we conduct a full out-of-court debt collection effort under the name of our in-house law firm. This is done at our same low contingency rates. There is no up-front cost for this legal effort. Our in-house law firm gets involved when we are not making the necessary progress while collecting under the collection agency. Often, just telling the debtor that their file will be forwarded to the attorney for review, is enough to motivate them. Some debtors will not take things seriously until they are contacted by a law firm or attorney.

Our clients have the benefit of not having to pay any increased costs while utilizing the law firm and in-house attorney.  We don’t hesitate to escalate a file to the law office because our financial incentives are unchanged.  Collection agencies that do not have an in-house law office are hesitant to refer to outside attorneys because they will earn less, and may have to charge their clients a higher contingency rate to make up the difference.

Debt Collection Litigation

Although most collections are accomplished on the front-end, without the need for litigation, our firm files lawsuits on a regular basis. We do not hesitate to go to court when the account is properly underwritten, and litigation is the only viable or acceptable alternative. We will advance all legal costs and fees on properly underwritten files, and our firm has an 84% success rate on properly underwritten legal accounts.

We specialize in filing law-suits in the entire state of California. Additionally, we have developed a network of debt collection attorneys all over the United States who will work for our clients on a contingency basis.  In most cases, the lawsuit needs to be filed where the debtor is located which necessitates having this network.  Having access to debt collection attorneys who will work on a contingency basis gives our clients a huge advantage when litigation is required.  It allows us to keep the costs low for our clients while debtors will probably have to pay their attorneys on an hourly basis.  This typically puts significant pressure on the debtor to resolve the matter or alternatively, allow us to obtain a default judgment. Our firm manages these independent law firms throughout the litigation and judgment collection process.

We never litigate without our client’s written permission and consent.